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Partner with an HSR Certified Professional and Benefit...

It makes sense to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible! Having a reputation for being the agent who helps sellers "cash in" on their homes is critical to long term success.  It's not hard to enhance your listing by bringing in a professional stager to do occupied home consultations and reports. Our focus is on making you look great...

  • We Listen!  We focus first on how we can benefit your business and help you get more listings by making you look fantastic.
  • Partner Pricing!  We even have volume, discount pricing for those agents who have several listings.
  • Accredited and Certified!  Certification and credibility matter to your sellers, so they know when we make a's in their best interest.
  • Beautiful, Photo-Filled Reports!  We offer the best client action plans in the business, so you look professional and there's no mistaking what needs to be done to the home.
  • Educational Hand-outs!  Since we know that not all sellers "get it", we offer easy to understand, statistics and materials you can use to educate them on the staging process.

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 staged homes


sold 5-23% over list


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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Home Stager for Your Project

Make Sure to Review the Home Stager’s Portfolio (Style)

Every home stager designs differently, so don’t assume we are all equal and have the same aesthetic. 

Ask to See Examples of Their Inventory in a Space

Each home stager shops differently and we can all agree that Walmart furniture is not the caliber of Restoration Hardware furnishings.

Make Sure the Scale Matches the Size of the Room and Home

The scale of furnishings in a space matter and should fill the space appropriately.  Small scale living room furniture in a large, grand space will look like doll’s furniture:-).  Conversely, a king bed in a smaller sized bedroom will cramp the room.

Make Sure the Staging Matches the “Luxury Level” of the Home

Every home is unique, so it’s critical to match the furnishings with the level of luxury the buyer demographic expects in the home.

Make Sure the “Style” Matches the Style of the Home

Architectural style matters and buyers have an expectation of what they want to see inside the home many times by looking at the outside of the home.   

Education and Reputation Matter

The staging industry is not much different than the real estate industry, so check a stager’s credentials, proof of insurance and website testimonials.  I’m dedicated to enhancing your reputation with the quality of staging and design we put into your listing.  I know that when you look good…I look good, so I’m excited about this potential partnership!

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Our Staging Process Includes Assessing 8-Steps in Each Room in Order to Feel Home


First Impressions


Eliminating Clutter


Emphasizing the Positive


Lighting Layers


Home Buyer or Owner Appeal


Obligations in Repair and Replacement




Emotional Connections Points-"Wow Factor"

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