Staging for the Win

 What is Home Staging?

"Home Staging is using limited funds, practical creativity, and extraordinary expertise to professionally prepare a home to sell so that it becomes infinitely more attractive to potential buyers, sells quickly and for more money. In turn, home staging becomes an investment for the home seller through the greater home sale earnings that are realized.” 
Audra Slinkey, President of the Home Staging Resource

The home seller has the marketing advantage…

A Perfectly Targeted Audience – Most buyers who come to your house are good prospects. They are actively shopping for the product you are selling and your house should already meet their general criteria. 

A Captive Audience – The buyer is in your house and will probably spend up to an hour studying it. 

An Opportunity to Make Multiple Impressions – Each room gives us the perfect opportunity to make dozens of first impressions. With each detail, we will move the buyer from looking at your house to evaluating whether it could be their home.

Homes are purchased based on emotions… 

We want buyers to think “This is it. This is the one!” We will use our eight-step, FEEL HOME process to depersonalize the space and create “emotional connection points” which actively engage a buyer’s mind to imagine how life could be in your house for their family.

Like most first impressions, buyers will be looking to reinforce their opinion throughout the rest of the home. We’ll make those first impressions positive in every room!

When a house feels like home, buyers will reprioritize their list. We’ll accentuate the positive and downplay the negative in each room. We’ll create warmth, scale, harmony and cohesion by using expert decorating tricks of the trade.

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